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teeth whitening

Cosmetic treatments can radically improve the appearance of teeth and gums, often in a short space of time.

We will work with you to assess your options, predict likely results and devise a treatment plan that suits both your needs and
your budget.


Porcelain veneers
To correct crooked, discoloured, chipped or worn teeth and to close gaps.

Teeth whitening / Stain removal
To lighten teeth and create a more youthful appearance, both at-home and in-surgery treatments

Bonding & Re-contouring
To improve or correct a smile

Crowns and bridges
To replace missing or badly damaged teeth

We work closely with a local specialist prosthodontist, who can provide the latest implant techniques

Filling replacements
Replace grey amalgam fillings with unnoticeable white fillings.

Rapid unobtrusive cosmetic tooth straightener for adults.
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